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PEAR2_Net_RouterOS by boenrobot

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This package allows you to read and write information from a RouterOS host using MikroTik's RouterOS API. Notable features include:

Latest version

1.0.0b6 released on 22 May 2017


If you have PEAR, without downloading anything:

pear install -a

And in your PHP, load it with any PSR-0 compatible autoloader (e.g. PEAR2_Autoload).

Alternatively, if you download the PHAR archive from this page, you can just include it, like:

require_once 'PEAR2_Net_RouterOS-1.0.0b6.phar';
//Rest of your code

See the page in the project's wiki for details and other ways of installation.


LGPL 2.1


You can download this project in either phar, tgz or zip formats. The contents of the archives are equivalent.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://

PEAR2_Net_RouterOS at OpenHub